Monday, November 27, 2023

Our Services


Energy & Infrastructure

Our energy and infrastructure team is renowned for advising clients across the sector with a track record of assisting with the many and varied challenges our clients operating in these sectors are facing.


Fire Safety Drills

Ensuring adherence to building codes. Arrangement of correct types of operational fire extinguishers and hydrants. Training users in fire extinguishers, fire alarm, emergency evacuation and assembly procedures.


Commercial Energy Professionals

Find out how our solar power solutions can help your home or business save money, help the environment, and greatly reduce your carbon footprint.


CCTV Installation

We provide top-notch HD cameras for corporate and retail clients. Security is guaranteed with our equipments on your site.


Website Design & Development

We create websolutions as required by you and your organizations - ranging from forms, blogs, static & dynamic web applications and more.


247 Customer Care

We provide customer care solutions for all our equipments and installations both before and after you buy our products or services — that helps you have an easy and enjoyable experience.

Our Working Process



We receive a request from you containing what solution you requaire of us.



We visit the site to confirm the kind of equipments and specific data and analysis need to create the exact solution required.



We engage a team of professions to install and configure all equipment as needed.



Another team of expert auditors wil visit site to verify originality and strength of installed eqipments and solutions.

Need A Free Estimate?

To get started with your home or business solar solution, the process is very simple. We take a step-by-step approach to creating a great solar program for you.